AlorAir UK – Selling a simple add on system to assist in the drying of Fire Fighting Equipment and Uniforms in Locker rooms whether they be a new build or existing. A simple, quick and easy to set up and install solution to the removal of excessive humidity caused in the drying of Kit and Clothing. We have several dehumidifiers and air movers which can be used. We always look for the best solution and value for money.

Drying Equipment and Uniforms will put that moisture into the air – but where does it go after that?  Dehumidifiers are there to remove moisture and dispose of the water so it can’t soak back into the uniforms, equipment or the fabric of the building, when heaters etc are turned off.

You don’t want to leave windows open or to have to reheat external air during the drying process, just to get rid of the moisture. Alternatively – No windows or ventilation, no problem. Our Dehumidifiers remove the moisture for you.

Dehumidifiers are the Solution!

Let AlorAir UK help.

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