For over 30 years, privately owned UK based Jewers Door Limited have manufactured the Swift side-hung, bi-folding door, which has been installed in hundreds of fire stations throughout the UK .

Bi-folding doors are intrinsically safer than vertical opening doors, providing appliance drivers with full visibility of the door position and the street outside at all times, ensuring safe exit of the bay.  With vertical lifting doors, it is an industry fact that it is difficult to judge when there is sufficient height clearance, and in an emergency situation, it’s not unknown for the fire engine to hit the bottom of the door before its fully open, resulting in delays, costly repairs to the door and the vehicle.

The Swift door opens rapidly in only 5 seconds, and can be programmed to automatically close and secure the building immediately after the engine has left the bay under emergency blue light conditions.  Fully compliant with onerous European Safety Standards, as standard, the area around the door is protected by an invisible zone of sensors to fully safeguard personnel, public and vehicles against being struck by the door during opening or closing.  LED traffic lights can be also incorporated to further advise the driver when it is safe to depart.

Door leaves are constructed using rigid composite panels, incorporating full perimeter EPDM rubber weather seals and an anti-slip threshold plate on the floor to prevent water ingress and draughts, and create the most thermally efficient fire station door available.

The Swift door is available with the option of a solid panel construction, partially glazed, or fully glazed for maximum visibility into and out of the building to create the ultimate community station.   Colour choice is unlimited with finish options available to replicate existing doors, or create a modern architectural impression.

Swift doors can be installed into any opening – new or existing, and require a maximum of only 150-mm headroom and 200-mm side room.

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