Top Trock drying systems use warm air to dry items of protective clothing including fire jackets and trousers, gloves, boots, fire hoods and dry diving suits.

We also produce cleaning and disinfecting systems for chemical protection suits.

Kit is dried from the inside out and after one hour offers protection by providing dry material next to the skin to prevent steam burns.

After normal work wear fire kit will be dried in 4-6 hours.

A heavy duty six hour timer is fitted as standard and this helps conserve energy by preventing the system from being switched on and left to run continuously.

Our systems are installed at The Fire Service College, Moreton in Marsh, and by several Fire Services including Essex, South Yorkshire, West Yorkshire, South Wales, Suffolk, Cornwall, Northern Ireland, Humberside, Isle of Mann, Oxfordshire, Royal Berks and West Midlands.

Our systems have also been supplied to the Police Service, Ambulance Service and Environment Agency.

The temperature of the warm air at the blower outlet is 38°C making it compatible with the drying requirements of many clothing manufacturers including Bristol Uniforms.

The drying rack and drying frames are guaranteed for 10 years and the warm air blower is guaranteed for 2 years or 5000 operating hours.

Drying systems are available in a range of sizes and configurations to suit any number of personnel. A CAD drawing can be produced showing layout options to suit any existing or proposed drying room. Systems are available as either “supply only” or “supply and install.”

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